P. Charles Goebel

Charles Goebel
P. Charles Goebel
Assistant Director and Professor
135 Williams Hall, 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, OH 44691

Curriculum Vita

Areas of Research

Forest ecosystem restoration and ecology
Riparian ecology
Fire ecology and management (Program Director, Lake States Fire Science Consortium)

Associated Lab and Research Web Sites

Forest Ecosystem Restoration & Ecology Lab website http://oardc.osu.edu/ferel/index.htm
Lake States Fire Science Consortium website http://lakestatesfiresci.net/

News Articles

Lake States Fire Science Consortium http://go.osu.edu/BestWayToBurn_OARDC

Course Offerings

ENR 5560 Rehabilitation & Restoration of Ecosystems
ENR 7310 Principles and Applications of forest Ecosystem Restoration
ENR 8780 Quantitative Methods for Environment and Natural Resources (co-taught with R. Gates)

Selected Publications (a 5 year span)

Drobyshev, I., P.C. Goebel, Y. Bergeron, and R.G.Corace, III. 2012. Detecting changes in climate forcing on fire regime in a North American mixed pine forests: a case study of Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Michigan. Dendrochronologia 30:137-145.

Goebel, P.C., K.S. Pregitzer, and B.J. Palik. 2012. Influence of flooding and landform properties on riparian plant communities in an old-growth northern hardwood watershed. Wetlands 32:679-691.

Holmes,K.L., and P.C. Goebel. 2011. A functional approach to riparian area delineation using geospatial methods. Journal of Forestry 109:233-241.

Goebel, P.C., M.S. Bumgardner, D.A. Herms, and A. Sabula. 2010. Failure to phytosanitize ash firewood infested with emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) in a small dry kiln using ISPM-15 standards. Journal of Economic Entomology 103:597-602.

Holmes, K.L., P.C. Goebel, and A.E.L. Morris. Characteristics of downed wood across headwater riparian ectones: integrating the stream with the riparian area. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 40:1604-1614.


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