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Our People: T. Eric McConnell

Eric McConnell
T. Eric McConnell
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
367E Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Rd., Columbus, OH 43210

Curriculum Vita

Ohio Wood Products website: www.ohiowood.osu.edu

Areas of Research

  • Wood science and technology
  • Quality Assurance and quality control
  • Environmental impacts on wood utilization
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Timber price trends

Course Offered

ENR 4320, Sustainable Forest Products

Selected Publications

Starr, S.E. and T.E. McConnell. Changes in Ohio tree farmers’ forest management strategies and outreach needs. Forest Science, in press.

McConnell, T.E., S.Q. Shi, C. Hong, G. Wang. Differences observed in data analysis techniques: An example using natural fibers’ diameters and absorption times. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, in press.

Duval, R.P., T.E. McConnell, D.M. Hix, S.N. Matthews, and R.A. Williams. Ohio hardwood sawlog price trends. Wood and Fiber Science, in press.

Duval, R.P., T.E. McConnell, and D.M. Hix. The annual change in Ohio hardwood stumpage prices, 1960 to 2011. Forest Products Journal, in press.

McConnell, T.E. and S.Q. Shi. 2013. Wettability of hydrothermally-treated hardwood surfaces in pMDI adhesive at elevated temperatures. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 29(2):281-285.

McConnell, T.E. 2013. Using impact analysis to document a forest products sector’s contributions to Ohio’s economy. Journal of Extension 51(2):2RIB7, online at http://www.joe.org/joe/2013april/rb7.php.

McConnell, T.E. 2013. Segmentation of Ohio’s logging industry based on productivity and cost variables. Forest Products Journal 63(5/6):174-181.

Little, N.S., T.E. McConnell, N.E. Irby, S.Q. Shi, and J.J. Riggins. 2013. Surface free energy of blue-stained southern pine sapwood obtained from bark-beetle attacked trees. Wood and Fiber Science 45(2):206-214.

McConnell, T.E. and S.Q. Shi. 2011. Surface energy characterization of three partially hydrolyzed southern hardwood species determined by dynamic contact angle analysis. The Journal of Adhesion 87(4):353-365.

McConnell, T.E. and S.Q. Shi. 2011. Partially hydrolyzing southern hardwoods: Possibilities for biofuels and wood composite manufacturing. Forest Products Journal 61(3):235-239.

McConnell, T.E., W.B. Stuart, and L.A. Grace. 2011. Learning through service: Wood in design and engineering. Forest Products Journal 61(1):14-19.

Little, N.S., N.A. Blount, S.C. Kitchens, T.P. Schultz, T.E. McConnell, and J.J. Riggins. 2012. Preference of Formosan subterranean termites for blue-stained southern yellow pine sapwood. Journal of Economic Entomology 105(5):1640-1644.

McConnell, T.E. 2012. Using impact analysis to document a forest products sector’s contributions to Ohio’s economy. Journal of Extension, in press.