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Our People: Tomas Koontz

Tom Koontz
Tomas Koontz
316B Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Rd., Columbus, OH 43210


Curriculum Vita

Areas of Research

collaborative governance, science and stakeholder participation in policymaking, watershed management, federalism, institutions, policy implementation, public administration, environmental policy, natural resources policy, social science research design

Research Web Site

Environmental and Social Sustainability Lab  http://ess.osu.edu

Courses Offered

ENR 4000  Environmental & Natural Resources Policy
ENR 8350 Ecosystem Management Policy
ENR 8785 Research Paradigms
ENR 8510 Research Design for Environmental Social Sciences
ENR 5325 Public Forest and Lands Policy

Selected publications – last 5 years

Koontz, Tomas M. and Sen, Sucharita. (in revision) Community Responses to Government Defunding of Watershed Projects: A Comparative Study in India and the USA.

Koontz, Tomas M. and Craig W. Thomas. 2012. Measuring the performance of public-private partnerships: A systematic method for distinguishing outputs from outcomes. Public Performance and Management Review  35(4):769-786.

Hauser, Bradley K., Tomas M. Koontz, and Jeremy T. Bruskotter. 2012. Volunteer participation in collaborative watershed partnerships: Insights from the theory of planned behavior. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management  55(1):77-94.

Campbell, Joseph T., Tomas M. Koontz, and Joseph E. Bonnell. 2011. Does collaboration promote grassroots behavior change?  Farmer adoption of best management practices in two watersheds. Society and Natural Resources  24:1127-1141.

Robinson, Cathy J., Richard D. Margerum, Tomas M. Koontz, Cassandra Moseley, and Sue Lurie. 2011.  Policy-level collaboratives for environmental management at the regional scale: Lessons and challenges from Australia and the United States.  Society and Natural Resources  24:849-859.

Thomas, Craig W. and Tomas M. Koontz. 2011. Research designs for examining the impact of community-based management on natural resource conservation. Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research  3(2):97-111.

Wiener, Joshua G. and Tomas M. Koontz. 2010. Shifting winds: Explaining variation in state policies to promote small-scale wind energy. Policy Studies Journal  38(4):629-651.

Hardy, Scott D. and Tomas M. Koontz. 2009. Rules for collaboration: Institutional analysis of group membership and levels of action in watershed partnerships.  Policy Studies Journal  37(3):393-414.

Koontz, Tomas M. and Jennifer Bodine. 2008. Implementing ecosystem management in public agencies: Lessons from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. Conservation Biology  22(1):60-69.

Nikolic, Sara, and Tomas M. Koontz. 2008. Nonprofit organizations in environmental management: A comparative analysis of government impacts. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory  18:441-463.

Koehler, Brandi, and Tomas M. Koontz. 2008. Citizen participation in collaborative watershed partnerships.  Environmental Management 41(2):143-154.

Garrett, Vicki, and Tomas M. Koontz. 2008. Breaking the cycle: Producer and consumer perspectives on the non-adoption of passive solar housing in the U.S. Energy Policy  36(4):1551-1566.