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Admitted Student Resources

Congratulations on your admission to the Ohio State University! 
We have designed a variety of online opportunities to make sure you have all that you need to explore the School of Environment and Natural Resources.  While we wish we could host you on campus this spring, we look forward to meeting with you virtually. Deciding where to go to college is a pivotal first step as you move toward a meaningful and enjoyable career.  We are here to help make your OSU exploration as easy as possible!

Information sessions


Session Description: Students in the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) are preparing for careers that will address some of the most pressing issues in our society: access to clean water and healthy food, climate resilience and adaptability, sustainable business practices, and proper management and use of public lands. On average, 93.4% of SENR grads are employed or pursuing additional education within 6 months of graduation.

Join us at this session to learn more about the five majors offered by Ohio State’s School of Environment and Natural Resources:
The overview session will include career pathways for each major, education abroad opportunities, financial aid, honors, and information about the ENR Scholars program and the SUSTAINS Learning Community.

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Individual Appointments

Meet with an SENR Staff Member

Set up an online individual appointment with Esther DeBusk, our Undergraduate Recruitment and Student Engagement Manager.  These meetings can serve as a personalized overview and/or an opportunity for you to have your questions answered.  The meeting will cover SENR majors, your career goals and interests, and make sure you’ve got the resources you need to make an informed decision about Ohio State.  Select your preferred meeting time length below to see availability:

Schedule a One-on-One Meeting

We hold drop-in hours every Thursday from 3-5pm EST.  Click this link to be directed to the waiting room during that time. 

Office Hours: Admitted Students


Meet with a current SENR student

Want to talk with a current student about their experiences? We encourage you to set up a meeting with one of our student leaders:

Jayson, Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability major

Hi! My name is Jayson (he/him) and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability with a specialization in Community Development. I am currently working in the School of Environment and Natural Resources Honors Program working on an undergraduate thesis that is studying the connection between COVID-19 response and Climate Change response in my hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. During my time in SENR, I have held numerous internship and research positions and have studied abroad on the Panama: Through the Lens of AgriCulture and Sustainability trip. As a Morrill Scholar, I am actively involved in campus student organizations like Buckeye Leadership Fellows, SPHINX Senior Class Honorary, and the Latinx Student Association.
You can meet with me to discuss my experience changing my major into EEDS from Engineering along with any tips I have for education abroad trips, research, or internship experiences from a student perspective. I can answer your questions about my journey to and through the honors program, my current, and past involvements, and even what it is like finding an on-campus job!
I’m open to discussing any questions you have about the SENR student experience, my personal experiences in SENR and Ohio State as a queer-identifying Latino, or anything that would help you best! If there are things I am not well versed in, I will point you in the direction of the people or organizations who can get the information you need!

Available to talk about:
Tips on changing your major into EEDS/SENR
Research, Education Abroad, and/or Internship Experience and Tips
Getting involved in student organizations
On campus sustainability job search
Out of-state student experience and resources
Morrill Scholar student experience
Queer and/or Latine/x student experience and resources
On and off campus activism
Graduate School application process
Other things you might be interested in knowing more about!

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Ansley, Natural Resource Management major

Hi there! My name is Ansley, and I am majoring in Natural Resource Management with a specialization in Administration and Management. Besides being Peer Mentor President within the School, I've been pretty involved with different organizations and studentAnsley groups on campus during my time here, such as Buckeye Leadership Fellows and ENR Scholars, and I've completed multiple research internships during my time in school. I would love to chat with you and hear why you're interested in SENR, and I can provide insight on the topics below.
·        Getting involved as a student
·        Being an out-of-state student at OSU
·        Pursuing internships and other work experience as a student
·        Studying abroad
·        Changing your major 
·        Creating a holistic student experience
·        Attending college as a student concerned with accessibility

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Questions?  Reach out to Esther DeBusk or the general School of Environment and Natural Resources email.