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What is one of the easiest ways to get mentally stronger and feel better?

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier.  Many adults don't get enough sleep, but if you make it a priority you'll have more energy, less stress, and a clear head.  Here are the latest ways to your best sleep ever:

  • 65 degrees. For most people, that's the magic temperature for restful sleep.
  • Have an easy ritual. Some people read. Others take a warm shower or listen to music. Still others have a snack. What's yours?
  • Save big topics for tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow. If you feel the need to air a grievance that may lead to an argument, wait until the next day.  Spousal fights at night make it tough to fall asleep.
  • Jot down your worries.  If you're thinking about all the things you need to do, stop it. Write down each item to get rid of those nagging thoughts in your head.