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Ohio EPA Internship Postings for 2015

The Ohio EPA internship postings for 2015 are now available at: Students will be able to apply for the positions from now until February 13th.  Please forward this information to students that you think may be interested in the positions.

Each year Ohio EPA hires nearly 70 college interns for summer work, with over 55 receiving positions within the Division of Surface Water.  Students receiving internships are able to apply classroom knowledge in a real world setting and develop skills suitable for careers in natural resources, environmental stewardship, academia, biology, chemistry, ecology, water resources, fisheries, wildlife, botany, zoology, and engineering.  Specific activities that interns may be involved include water quality sampling, wetland research, electrofishing surveys, macroinvertebrate sampling, stormwater inspections and water quality modeling.  

The 24 postings may be differentiated from one another by the PN located at the top of each position description.  The PNs listed below are for the positions that we often receive specific questions from students.

1.       Fish Electrofishing PN –20047867

2.       Bug PN – 20047882

3.       Modeling PN –20047860

4.       Wetlands PN –20047885

5.       Environmental Services Lab - 20044568

Various other types of water quality and permitting internships are available through our district offices.  Several Division of Air Pollution Control Internships are also available.

Feel free to direct students to me if they have any questions about the internships or the application process.


Andrew Phillips
Environmental Specialist 2

Ohio EPA, Ecological Assessment Section
4675 Homer Ohio Lane
Groveport, Ohio 43125
614-836-8795 (fax)