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Amplify Career Development Messaging Through Your Teaching

Faculty and staff play a key role in students' professional development and career planning. As instructors, advisors, and engagement leaders, many of you have regular contact with groups of SENR students. By helping to amplify important messaging from SENR Career Services about career fairs, internship searching, and more, you are helping those students stay on track with their career development in college. Please use the timeline below to guide you in sharing short, crucial messages to your classes, labs, and other student groups you help manage. Please download the Powerpoint slides under each month and post them in your Carmen course and/or during class at the beginning of each month. Thank you!


As students settle into the new semester, this is a great time for them to update their résumés in preparation for the career fairs and other events that start to kick off across the university in September. The CFAES Food & Agricultural Sciences Virtual Career Fair takes place on Oct. 1st, 2020, and students can register through Handshake. Fellowships and undergraduate research opportunities may also be advertised as early as September, so students should meet with a career advisor to start strategizing their search.

Remind students to:
- Register for the October 1st career fair
- Schedule a career advising appointment for help with résumé and internship/ job searching
- Consider enrolling in ENR 1500: Career Development & Success for Session 2 of Fall Semester

Presentation slides to share in class |  Career Fair Announcement (Oct.1)  | ENR 1500: Career Development & Success


The Career Development Office will begin to see an uptick in spring and summer internship postings. Students should be checking Handshake and other relevant job boards to ensure they don't miss early opportunities. The Environmental and Sustainability Virtual Career Fair takes place on November 5th, 2020. All SENR students are highly encouraged to take part in the event. Their tasks for October include updating their profile information in Handshake, uploading and updated resume, and meeting with a career advisor to practice virtual professional networking.

Remind students to:
- Register for the November 5th career fair 
- Use Handshake to find events, workshops, and other professional development opportunities
- Attend an internship information session (posted in Handshake events) to learn more about earning credit for an internship

Presentation slides to share in class | Career Fair Announcement (Nov. 5)


Spring and summer internship postings will continue to increase through the month of November. Although the semester is also becoming increasingly busy with exams and projects, please encourage students to continue to engage in job and internship searching by checking Handshake and other job boards at least once a week and carving out regular time to complete applications. They can meet with a career advisor to help create a plan for internship searching and stick to it. 

Remind students to: 
- Get serious about their internship search. Schedule a career advising appointment for help and resources. 

Presentation slides to share in class | Internship Search Reminder


Many employers are aware of the academic cycle and will often take it into consideration when timing their internship announcements. Students should take time over winter break to rest and have fun, but please remind them to continue their internship and job searching as well. There will be application deadlines that are set during winter break so that employers can begin the interview process shortly after students return to classes.

Remind students to:
- Continue with their internship search.
- (Reminder for instructors) The end of the semester is a great time for you, as an environmental professional, to share advice with students about job searching, building a professional network, and important lessons you've learned.

Presentation slides to share in class | Internship Search Reminder


The start of the new semester is a great time for students to get excited about involvement opportunities for spring, even in this virtual climate. They could join a new student organization, reach out to local volunteer groups in anticipation of the spring volunteer season, and mark their calendars for upcoming events promoted through Handshake, the SENR undergraduate newsletter, and the SENR website. They should register for career fairs listed on Handshake and start preparing for them with a career advisor.

Presentation slides to share in class | Tips: Professional Engagement During COVID-19 | Career Fairs Announcement


Students will begin to hear from their peers who already have internships, jobs, and research positions confirmed for the summer. This can induce a lot of anxiety and feelings that they are too late and don't have a chance of finding a summer opportunity. This is not the case, but they do need to double down on their search. New opportunities will still be posted in February, and students just need to be ready to jump on them. Encourage them to meet with a career advisor and to attend the Spring Environmental and Sustainability Virtual Career Fair on February 17th, 2021, hosted through Handshake. Students can find additional university career fairs on Handshake as well.

Presentation slides to share in class | Career Fairs Announcement Internship Reminder 


Although students can become more inundated with class project deadlines and exams by March, it is important that they don’t neglect their internship and job searching. You can help by forwarding relevant job announcements to your class and reminding students to schedule a career advising appointment sooner rather than later. Students who have summer offers already should consider earning academic credit for the experience – particularly EEDS and NRM majors.

Presentation slides to share in class | Internship Reminder | SENR Career Resources


Many students will have internship offers at this point, though it is not unusual for some to still be searching. You may receive last-minute internship announcements in your inbox through list-serves and employer contacts. Please share these with your students as best you can. If you teach EEDS or NRM students, please remind them to seek credit for their internship if they have not already completed the Experiential Learning Requirement for their major. They can email Lucia at with questions.

Sharing your words of wisdom and reminders for graduating seniors: As Finals approach and students prepare to embark on their summer experiences (classes, jobs, internships, study abroad, etc.), remind them about the value of making lasting friendships and professional connections. The CFAES Career Team and the SENR Academic Team are available over the summer to help students with their career and academic pursuits. Please remind graduating Seniors that they can still access SENR career advising after they graduate. They can reach out for help at 

Presentation slides to share in class | Graduating Seniors Reminder  

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Request a Class Visit from SENR Career Services 

Whether you want a 5-minute presentation to inform students about career development resources in SENR, or you’d like a 20 – 60-minute presentation/ workshop, we can make it work. Example topics include resume and cover letter writing, job searching, preparing for a career fair, and making professional connections through capstone projects. Reach out to Lucia at to request a visit and discuss details.

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