Sullivan Graduate Students


Current Graduate Students

Becca Czaja, PhD student (co-advised by Dr. Lauren Pintor)
Hometown: Williston Park, NY
Becca Czaja 

The Interactive Effects of Invertebrate Trait Variation and Environmental Characteristics: Implications for Food Webs

Research: My research focuses on how environmental characteristics like food and habitat availability in streams affect macroinvertebrate traits at the species and community level. I am also examining the effects of this trait variation on macroinvertebrate food web structure and dynamics.

Kristen Diesburg, PhD Student
Hometown: West Chester, Ohio

Effects of riparian disturbance on reciprocal aquatic-terrestrial energy flows

Research:  My research focuses on understanding how riparian disturbances associated with invasive plant (Amur Honeysuckle) and insect (Hemlock Woolly Adelgid) species affect reciprocal aquatic-terrestrial energy fluxes and food web structure in stream-riparian ecosystems.

Chase Novello (they/them), MS Student
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Chase Novello

How does artificial light at night alter fish vision?

Research: Artificial light at night (ALAN) has become one of the most pervasive sources of pollution worldwide. A growing body of research indicates that ALAN poses a significant threat to global biodiversity, but research on the consequences of ALAN for aquatic ecosystems remains limited. My masters research investigates impacts of long-term exposure to ALAN on the visual performance of Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus), a common sunfish in freshwater systems of eastern North America and a visual predator.  My findings will help target lighting thresholds necessary to minimize disturbance to aquatic ecosystems and contribute to informing roadway-lighting management schemes. 

Columbus, OH


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