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Former Graduate Students

Breezy Jackson. Disturbance, connectivity and scale; the role of wildfire in shaping structure and function of stream ecosystems in Yosemite National Park, California. 2015.
Adam Kautza. River-riparian food webs and energy fluxes along an urban-to-rural gradient. 2014.

Leslie Rieck. Associations between hydrogeomorphic characteristics and biotic community dynamics in urban streams of Columbus, Ohio, USA. 2019.
Paradzayi Tagwireyi. Ant and spider dynamics in complex riverine landscapes of the Scioto River basin, Ohio: implications for riparian ecosystem structure and function. 2014.
Charles Goss (co-advisor with P.C. Goebel). Forest fragmentation in agricultural landscapes: the influence of edge effects on riparian areas and headwater streams. 2013. 
Jeremy Alberts. Aquatic-to-terrestrial contaminant transfer in the Scioto River basin, Ohio. 2012. 
Clarissa Bey. Scale-dependent environmental influences on linked mussel-fish assemblages in Big Darby Creek, OH. 2013.  
Lindsey Boaz. Influences of stream geomorphology on aquatic-to-terrestrial contaminant transfers: evidence from urban and forested streams of central Ohio. 2015.
Bobby Davis. The influence of dam removal on aquatic ecosystem contamination.
Alayna Dorobek. Short-term consequences of lowhead dam removal for fish community dynamics in an urban river system. 2016.
Adam Kautza. Ecological and management implications of multi-scale environmental influences on stream fish assemblages: evidence from Ohio and Idaho, USA. 2011.

Travonya Kenly. Variability in Invertebrate Trophic Networks along Stream Nutrient Gradients. 2018.
Lars Meyer. In light of energy: influences of light pollution on linked stream-riparian invertebrate communities. 2012. 
Daniel Symonds. Responses of aquatic biotic communities to multi-stressor environments. 
Danielle Vent. Associations between riffles and aquatic biota following lowhead dam removal: Implications for river fish conservation. 2015.
Martha Zapata. Spatial and temporal variability in aquatic-terrestrial trophic linkages in a subtropical estuary. 2018.
MENR (non-thesis track, project-based) 
Danielle Vent. Captive propagation of rare and threatened stream fishes: challenges and next steps. 2014.
Nicholas Holomuzki. Impacts of the invasive Phragmites australis on muskrat lodge placement within a Great Lakes coastal wetland. 2013. 
Justin Loesch. Using aquatic macroinvertebrates as an indicator of stream restoration success in an urban context. 2012.