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School of Environment and Natural Resources


SENR Seminar Series

Oct 9, 2014, 4:00pm - 5:30pm


The SENR Seminar Series welcomes William Shuster, Research Hydrologist, US EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory, who will present Understanding, Managing, and Sustaining Water and Soil Resources in Urban Ecosystems -- Somes Notes from the Field.

Urban development has radically transformed landscapes, and along with it, how our cities and suburbs cycle water. One unfortunate outcome is the massive volume of uncontrolled runoff. This has serious ramifications for regulatory activity, municipal financial matters, and public health. Dr. Shuster’s research addresses the integration of social equity, economic stabilization, and environmental management to underpin the development of sustainable urban water cycles. He will discuss the Shepherd Creek Stormwater Management project’s use of economic incentives to recruit citizen stormwater managers and distribute parcel-level, green infrastructure-based stormwater control measures; and the use of an urban soil pedologic-hydrologic assessment protocol to understand the capacity for urban soils to provide ecosystem services.

The SENR Seminar begins at 4:10 p.m in 103 Kottman Hall with a video link to 123 Williams Hall on the Wooster campus.