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Special Aquaculture Seminar

Mar 13, 2015, 1:45pm - 2:45pm

Konrad Dabrowski welcomes Thomas Delomas, Aquatic Sciences, Kentucky State University. Delomas will present Chromosomal Set Manipulation and Interspecies Hybridization of Fishes in Aquaculture. This seminar will be held in 333K Kottman Hall.

Chromosomal set manipulation (induced polyploidy, gynogenesis and androgenesis) is frequently used for fish genetics research, namely investigations into mechanisms of sex determination. These techniques are also used in commercial aquaculture for the production of sterile fish and monosex populations. Interspecies hybridization can be a complementary technique to chromosomal set manipulation, as some interspecies hybrids are known to produce diploid gametes, making it possible to obtain polyploid progenies through normal crosses. The techniques and applications of chromosomal set manipulation and interspecies hybridization will be discussed using recent investigations performed at Kentucky State University into gynogenetic American paddlefish, triploid koi and koi x goldfish hybrids as examples.