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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Where's the Water?

Mar 6, 2014, 5:00pm - 8:00pm


Two speakers, Drs. Alvaro Montenegro and Doug Alsdorf, one movie trailer, archival displays, tours of the polar research center, food and time to interact with researchers at the Byrd Polar Research Center in Scott Hall on west campus.

Water is essential to all life on Earth. With the world population growing beyond 7 billion individuals, the demand for water resources will expand dramatically during a time when climate change is expected to alter the hydrologic cycle and impact the current distribution of water. What does this ean for people? this program will explore how water is monitored, measured and modeled in Latin America and present our current understanding of the changes anticipated over the next half century.

For details and to RSVP visit Lectures will be live-streamed at This event is sponsored by the Byrd Polar Research Center, Department of Geography, School of Earth Sciences and the Center for Latin American Studies.