Impact Statements and Project Summaries

2019 Impact Statements and Project Summaries by SENR Faculty and Staff

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Full set of 2019 SENR Impact Statements
and Project Summaries

2019 SENR Impact and Project Summaries Full


Promoting Positive Relationships Between Human        Supporting Sustainable Energy Transitions:                 
and Wildlife Communities Through Partnerships,           Understanding the Links between Energy and Society   
Stakeholder Engagement, and Science

2019 SENR Impact - Promoting Positive Relationships between Human and Wildlife Communities2019 SENR Impact - Supporting Sustainable Energy Transitions

Bringing back the fire: Pioneering new approaches          Managing Ohio's Forest Resources                
to using prescriptive fires to restore Ohio’s           
native landscapes

Bringing Back the Fire: Pioneering New Approaches to Using Prescriptive Fires to Restore Ohio’s Native LandscapesManaging Ohio's Forest Resources


Preparing Students through Experiential                Preparing the Next Generation of Scientists:
Learning in Five SENR Majors                                 Expanded Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

Preparing Students through Experiential Learning in Five SENR MajorsPreparing the Next Generation of Scientists: Expanded Opportunities for Undergraduate Research


Youth Environmental Programs                                Environmental Professionals Network

Youth Environmental ProgramsEPN Annual Report 2019-2020












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