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SENR Grad Reflection 5.6.22
Reflection and Memories from SENR Graduates
2022 CFAES Distinguished Seniors Award Celebration
2022 CFAES Distinguished Seniors Award Celebration
The Impacts of Climate Change on Forests and Wildlife – September 4, 2020
The Impacts of Climate Change on Forests and Wildlife

The climate is changing, and it is impacting forests in many ways. The magnitude of continued accelerated change requires adaptation strategies aimed towards maintaining healthy and productive forests. As forests are placed under additional stress it is also critical that we consider how wildlife may respond to a shifting climate and important forest habitats that they depend on. Join Steve Matthews, wildlife professor and ecologist with OSU's School of Environment and Natural Resources as he guides us through climate change impacts. This program was presented as part of the Ohio Woodland Stewards Program. To learn more about their educational programs, visit their website at

From Tree to Table: Ohio Maple Syrup
From Tree to Table: Ohio Maple Syrup

It's syrup season! Join OSU Extension's Les Ober and the School of Environment and Natural Resources' Gabe Karns and Kathy Smith to learn how tree sap becomes a tasty breakfast treat in this webinar. The presenters will walk you through how to collect sap from trees in your yard to trees in the woods, and turn it into a versatile sweet treat.

This webinar is part of the Ohio Woodland Stewards (OWS) Program series Escape to the Forest and was held on March 12, 2021.

Highlights from “Building hope in a space and movement where change feels unlikely.” EPN. 11.19.21
Building hope in a space and movement where change feels unlikely

Watch highlights from this special Environmental Professionals Network production with Dr. Michael Charles (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer, Sustainability Expert, and Advocate for Indigenous Peoples), who sat down with Callia Téllez (Environmental Policy Fellow at the Ohio Environmental Council) in November 2021 to share about his participation and experience at the recently concluded 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties – “COP 26” – in Glasgow, U.K. between October 31, and November 13, 2021.

Access the full version of this interview 

The video was recorded and edited by Brett Baughman, Program Manager for Ohio State’s Environment and Natural Resource Scholars, and earning Bachelor's of Science Degree in Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability from Ohio State SENR in 2014. 


Bat Habitat and Life Cycle by Marne Titchenell, The Ohio State University Extension
It's Bat Week! Learn about Bat Habitat and Life-cycle with Wildlife Program Specialist Marne Titchenell

This video is part of a series of videos by the Ohio Bat Working Group members created to address a variety of topics related to bats in Ohio with the intent to aid educators in preparing and delivering bat programs.

Access more videos in the Bat series 

Visit the Ohio Bat Working Group's website to learn more about their collaboration and educational outreach at

Resilient through Fire. 9.14.21. EPN
Resilient through Fire

This Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) program (streamed live via YouTube on September 14, 2021) featured Elena Irwin, PhD, Roger A. Williams, PhD, and Jack McGowan-Stinski, MS on how our communities are growing more resilient through the “fire” from the Covid-19 pandemic’s recent health and social to as well as how fire can be used to protect and restore Ohio’s diverse native ecosystems, and how collaboration strategies are expanding the application and adoption of controlled burns across the Great Lakes Region.

Ohio is home to thousands of environmental professionals working every day to make the world a better place. EPN is a service of the School of Environment and Natural Resources that connects and grows environmental professionals in-person and online. 

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Monarch Video

Engage, connect and inspire others to learn more and share resources about conservation of monarch habitat! 

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Congratulations Class of 2021
Congratulations Class of 2021!
Farm Trends Podcast July 2020

In this Farm Trends Podcast produced by the Knowledge Exchange explore the changes in Ohio agriculture over the last 20 years. Authors of a new summary report, Shoshanah Inwood and Douglas Jackson-Smith, explain what the data from the U.S. Census of Agriculture means for Ohioans.