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ASC Science Sundays - "Climate change in Ohio: What should you do?"

January 14, 2024

"Climate change in Ohio: What should you do?"

Robyn Wilson
Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources

There is a scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, it is caused by people, it is bad for people, and we can solve it! We will walk through the evidence for these facts, with a focus on the impact of climate change in central Ohio and steps we can take as citizens to create a more resilient future.

Robyn Wilson, PhD, is a professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University. Dr. Wilson is a behavioral decision scientist studying individual decisions under risk. She is also interested in the development of strategic communication efforts, as well as the design of decision support tools that assist individuals in making more informed choices. Her current research focus is on adaptation to climate-exacerbated hazards, and what motivates and constrains different land use and land management decisions on private and public lands.

Science Sundays is a free lecture series open to the public that provides a wide range of current and emerging topics and issues in science that touch our everyday lives. Speakers are experts in their fields from on campus and around the world with experience in making their topics interesting and accessible for audiences of all ages, with or without a science background.