Safer, Cleaner Soil and Water... and Saving Big Money in the Process
Safer, Cleaner Soil and Water... and saving big money in the process

"The soil is the great connector of our lives," author Wendell Berry once said. SENR professor, Nick Basta, has developed a low-cost way to treat the lead that contaminates soil in our cities. Lead in soil can make kids sick and makes the land unfit for gardens. His method is just a quarter the cost of the next-cheapest option—a big help for cash-strapped communities, especially ones ramping up urban farming.

Dr. Mohan K Wali, The Global Imperative of Ecosystem Reclamation: Part 1
Dr. Mohan Wali: The Global Imperative of Ecosystem Reclamation

On Nov. 27, 2012, Mohan Wali, SENR Professor Emeritus, presented the inaugural lecture of the Land Reclamation International Graduate School, University of Alberta.

Dr. Wali is considered one of the pioneers of modern-day reclamation science. This is Part 1 of his address, in which he points out President Johnson's statesmanship in the 1960s focused attention on the environment and reclamation. He relates how the lessons from the science of ecology provide the principles that shape reclamation science today.

Science Bulletins: Urban Coyotes Mate for Life
Dr. Stan Gehrt: Urban Coyotes Mate for Life

A new study presents first genetic evidence of long-term coyote monogamy in urban areas and is highlighted on Science Bulletins, a production of the National Center for Science Literacy, Education and Technology, part of the Department of Education at the American Museum of Natural video.

Planting for the Future  Improving the Urban Forest, Ohio State - Enviance

improving the urban forest in a town near you.