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SUSTAINS Learning Community - The Ohio State University
SENR to Partner on New Sustainability Learning Community with OSU Housing

Learn about the new sustainability learning community: SUSTAINS

Ohio State University's Stan Gehrt and Nick Stow of the City of Ottawa discuss co-existing with coyotes on CTV News Ottawa.





March 1, 2014.

How One Ohio County Responded to Shale Development
How One Ohio County Responded to Shale Development

Local communities experiencing the shale oil and gas boom often realize early that they have little control in regulating that development. That authority lies at the state level. And there’s bound to be conflict among neighbors -- winners, losers and concerned citizens -- as shale development increases.

But communities shouldn’t simply throw up their hands and just take what comes, said Joe Campbell, research associate with the Social Responsibility Initiative in Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. The initiative is housed in the college’s School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Being proactive, establishing communication lines, and gathering information about the industry and its impacts can help communities manage the often swift nature of shale oil and gas development, he said.

Read the full news story here.

Urban Coyotes Are Thriving, Mostly Not a Threat
Urban Coyotes Are Thriving, Mostly Not a Threat

Stan Gehrt's research attempts to understand how coyotes are successful in the incredibly urban landscape called Chicago. Gehrt talks about the growing number of urban coyotes, the risk they may pose to people and his ongoing 13-year study of Chicago’s coyotes.

Rewriting Ohio's Phosphorus Risk Index
Rewriting Ohio's Phosphorus Risk Index

Libby Dayton, SENR Research Scientist, is working to give farmers the tools they need to make management decisions that will assist them in reducing their contribution to a major water quality issue.

Ohio State Mansfield perfect place for Woodland Stewards program
OSU Mansfield campus is a good fit for the Woodland Stewards Program

An article in onCampus, A living lab for Woodland Stewards (OWS), by Christina Drain, was about how 30 woodland owners practiced what they learned in an outdoor lab on the Mansfield campus. There are 640 acreas of woodlands on the campus which play a big role in the courses offered through the OWS program. More information about the project can be found in the Septmeber-October publication of the OSU Alumni magazine.

Students from the May session suggested creating a terrestrial lab similar to Stone Laboratory, the university’s freshwater field station on Lake Erie, with summer classes and coursework unique to the natural resource.

Teens Turn Off Technology During Ohio Forestry and Wildlife Camp
Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Camp
Teens turned off technology during the Ohio Forestry and Wildlife Camp, June 9-14. One hundred and thirteen campers from across Ohio (one from Pennsylvania, and even one from Arizona) participated in this years camp, held at FFA Camp Muskingum, on Leesville Lake in Carroll County.
SENR alum, Jeremy Scherf is a state service forester with ODNR and co-director of the Ohio Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Camp. He teamed up with SENR's Marne Titchenell, wildlife program specialist with OSU Extension, and Ryan Waid, an Ohio-based procurement forester with Glatfelter paper company, to lead this year’s camp. They crafted leaf identification tests, taught natural resource and wildlife sessions, and inspired youth to explore the great outdoors. The goal of the camp is to expose the high schoolers to the science, beauty and career opportunities within Ohio’s natural resources.
Read the whole story about this camp on Farm and at More news stories about the camp can be found on:
The Social Silo:
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The video was produced by Farm and Dairy’s Tracey Wardle.
Water Quality Research at Ohio State
USDA Acting Deputy Secretary visits the Wetlands

Michael Scuse visited the Wilima H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park and learned about the research being conducted.

"No one does it like Ohio State" (Katie Ferman, Class of 2013)
In her own words... Katie Ferman

SENR senior, Katie Ferman, talks about her experience in India. Katie's research project was on 'Fighting for Commons: The stories and struggles of the women of Plachimada' which won Honorable Mention at this year's Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

Ohio State University - Enviance Environmental March Madness Contest
We're Environmental March Madness Champions!

The Environmental March Madness tournament was designed to evaluate colleges and university throughout the country on their environmental degree programs and curriculum, environmental opportunities for students, and campus sustainability efforts. Thanks goes to all of the academic units and students involved, and especially Neil Drobny, PhD, Director of EEDS and our own Trish Raridan-Preston, for her dedicated work in organizing the submission. To accept this award, Neil Drobny will attend and speak at the Enviance User Conference in San Diego this month.

Ohio State students produced this video for the competition.