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Heat or eat? How one energy conservation strategy may hurt vulnerable populations
Rare Earth

Coyotes have expanded their range to 49 states—and show no signs of stopping.
Your weekend trips to the park add up — in a good way
Congratulations to 2019 Student Project Grant Winners
Clean Water Act's Legacy for Ohio River
Heating the home is a battle of the sexes: Women prefer a warmer house than men… but are more likely to lose in the war over the thermostat
Who's winning the thermostat wars in your home?
First look at thermostat wars suggests women may be losing these battles

Al Gore Is Opening a New Front In the War On Climate Change 
Why the Soil and Trees May Not Absorb as Much Carbon as We Think
Is the gray wolf actually endangered?

'Low-Hanging Fruit’: Dr. Rattan Lal on How Soil & Farming Can Help Save the Climate
How to Get Rid of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them
Ohio State Awarded $3 Million NSF Grant for STEM Traineeship Program
New Bike Racks on Campus

Campus Sustainability Survey Report Now Available
Attracting more farmers to participate in water quality efforts
What the Amazon's fires mean for its animals
CHAIRE/Wilds Pseudo In-situ Conservation Short Course
What the Amazon fires mean for wild animals
Could Floating Islands Mitigate Toxic Algae Blooms?
Student Projects Advance Sustainability at Ohio State
New Technologies Reducing Uncertainty in Estimation of River Flow
The Trump Administration's Changes to the Endangered Species Act Risks Pushing More Species to Extinction
Saving endangered species: 5 essential reads
Alumni Voice: Unsustainable Comfort 

Ohio State announces summer commencement speaker
Ohio State announces summer commencement speaker
Faculty member presents soil science research at Congressional Soils Caucus briefing
Faculty Member Receives National Award
Helping farmers face extreme weather, climate challenges
Landscape fragmentation and water yield with unconventional shale oil and gas development in Ohio (Ohio Water Resources Center Newsletter)

How a New Soil Health Quality System Will Benefit Ohio Farmers
Songbird migration study finds a tiny, vulnerable winter range
A songbird’s fate hinges on one fragile area
Saving Colombia's Forests Is Crucial to Protect Prothonotary Warblers
Opinion: Science lacking in proposed waters of the U.S. rule
Train a Farmer, Feed a Nation: Launching a New Ag University in Ethiopia
OSU’s Sustainability Institute leads climate change research, teaching
Water quality expert @STRIVElab available to discuss concerns about proposed cutbacks to Clean Water Act protections for wetlands & streams.
A deadly strike for migrating birds
Successful ‘On Food and Faith’ conference concludes
Iowa Nutrient Research Center Names New Assistant Director
Ten ways to go back to summer school
Can Soil Solve the Climate Crisis?

Making it more viable to turn agricultural waste into renewable fuel
How some Ohio farmers are trying to cut their carbon footprint
Spring 2019 Presidential Fellows
Crops for change: Student farmers focus on food and justice
Families Enjoy Hands-On Science Activities at WestFest
California is making a weak effort to turn agriculture into a climate change fix
Beliefs about Wildlife Management Are Changing
The Politics of Pollution - Alumna Kerry Ard researches environmental inequality from its political causes to its ultimate consequences of disparities in human health
Ohio State Energy Partners award winners advance innovation, collaboration
Reducing Harmful Lake Erie Algal Blooms: What Will It Take?

Two Undergraduate Students from Ohio State University Receive 2019 Udall Scholarship
Study finds traditional attitudes toward wildlife fading
Americans' beliefs about wildlife management are changing
Saving Birds One Walk at a Time
Soil Research Benefits Farmers, Waterways
Recognizing Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring
Healthy Land-Water Systems Wins Multi-disciplinary Team Award
The Future of SAF: Ryan Vogel
Wildfires Alter Stream Chemistry for Years
FBI Cincinnati Presents Director’s Community Leadership Award to Deana Hudgins
Reception Honors Newest Members of Honorary 100
Student Success Celebrated
Ohio State's Rattan Lal receives Japan Prize
Ohio State researchers discuss innovation in smart energy and mobility
Sustainability Research Honored at Denman Forum
Ohio State Discusses Water Research with State Leaders in Sustainability 
A Deeper Look At Elevated Phosphorous, Buckeye Farm News, April 2019
Shrub Could Boost Crops in Drought-Prone Areas, Buckeye Farm News, April 2019

How to persuade climate change is happening? It might depend on the sell (featured in The Daily Post)
Meet Dr. Christine Sprunger, Soil Science Assistant Professor
SENR’s Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab Contributes to 50-State Milestone for Nationwide Forage Initiative
NBC4 Broadcasts Story on Lights Out Columbus
Attend Soil Science Research Day, March 28
2019 CFAES Distinguished Seniors Named
How climate change is affecting the Great Lakes
Group encourages turning lights off to help migratory birds
Attend Soil Science Research Day, March 28
From art to zooplankton: The effects of climate change are far-reaching
Urban Coyotes Featured in Ranger Rick
Coyotes in the City
Graduate Student Wins Future Leader in Science Award
CFAES Loves Its Buckeyes, and Also All Their Friends
Chow Line: CDC: Avoid "zombie" deer meet
Larry R. Yoder Prairie Learning Laboratory
EcoLab Woodlands
Steve Goodwin Recognized as Distinguished Alumni
Promoting a fruit few have eaten
2019 Cohort of President's Post-Doctoral Scholars Selected
ETHOS Ep 1: Rattan Lal
There's Nothing Smeary About Lake Erie Anymore
Growing With Intention, Ohio State Alumni Magazine, Spring 2019
Parks and Adaptation, AgriNaturalist Magazine, Spring 2019

Scholarships help grow students and sustainabilty
Student Researchers Shine 
A cleaner Lake Erie - Ohio State student Harrison Fried is bringing important research to this year's Denman Forum
Graduate students recognized for fisheries achievement
As Grizzlies Come Back, Frustration Builds Over Continued Protections
Dig into soil health at Feb. 14 workshop
Graduate students recognized for fisheries achievement
Kowlett Spring 2019 Seminar Series Starts Feb. 7
Undergraduate research on display at Denman Forum
Wasted Opportunities Wins 1st Place in Smart Campus Challenge

2019 Japan Prize Honors Japanese and American Scientists in Fields of Chemistry and Agriculture
Opinion - Reconciling India’s food and nutritional security with environmental quality
SoCal Edison’s new rates will vary with the time of day. Some customers may not benefit much — or at all