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Using soil to better serve people and the planet (Rattan Lal)


Readout of White House Climate Science Roundtable on Countering “Delayism” and Communicating the Urgency of Climate Action (Kerry Ard)
White House science office to hold first event on countering climate change denial and delay (Kerry Ard)
The Psychology of Placing EV Chargers Along Roads Less Traveled (Nicole Sintov)
How racialized trauma functions as a barrier to enjoying nature (Alia Dietsch, Everly Jazi)
The perilous migratory journey of the eastern whip-poor-will (Chris Tonra, Aaron Skinner, Steve Matthews)
Canaries in a coal mine: Energy transitions in Appalachian coal regions, and a roadmap for the rocky transition out of coal (Linda Lobao)


Graduate student recognized for exceptional teaching (Jai Tiarks)
Gift to benefit Ohio State's School of Environment and Natural Resources (Gabriel Karns, Jeff Sharp)
Documentary on Ohio water affordability debuts on World Water Day (Ramiro Berardo)
As Life Returns to Normal, There’s One Major COVID-19 Risk We’re Ignoring (Robyn Wilson)


Expanding Affordable Data Collection: SENR Subject Pool Now Available to SI Affiliated Faculty (Nicole Sintov)




Majority of farm families worry about major medical expenses, and it could threaten their farm business (Florence Becot and Shoshanah Inwood)
Sustainable soil movement grows at COP15 on land desertification and drought (Rattan Lal)
No longer a gray area: This study confirms walleye prefer certain colors (Suzanne Gray)
Ohio State studies show which color lures Lake Erie anglers should use to catch walleye (Suzanne Gray)
Sustainability Grants Support Faculty Research (Doug Jackson-Smith and Yanlan Liu)


3 of the most beautiful places in state and why all Ohioans should love them |Opinion (David Tomashefski)
A Closer Look at Rural Populations: Multistate Research Monitors Changes and Issues Affecting Rural Areas (Linda Lobao)
Coal communities are changing, so a project is capturing residents’ stories (Jeffrey Jacquet)


Toman Appointed Interim Director of the School of Environment and Natural Resources (Eric Toman)
Ohio State leading new $15 million project to study carbon farming as climate change solution (Rattan Lal and CFAES Rattan Lal Center for Carbon Management and Sequestration)


Alumni News | Ryan Wagner turns his grad school, camera focus on mudpuppy salamanders (Ryan Wagner)
Ohio State researchers study how farmers adapt to climate change (Robyn Wilson)


Coyotes Came to New York City, but Not For Our Pizza (Stanley Gehrt)
Distinguished Ohio State Professor and leading soil scientist Rattan Lal earns India’s fourth highest award for groundbreaking work (Rattan Lal)
From Sewage Sludge to Biosolids: Building the Case for Waste. Kristen Coyne. Crops, Soil, and Agronomy (CSA) News. Oct. Vol. 67, Issue10. (Nick Basta)


Green Bexley: Actions of students show promise of future sustainability (ENR EEDS Capstone autumn 2022)
Young kids who breathe polluted air can fall behind in school, study finds (Kerry Ard, co-author on published study)
Coshocton project presented at workshop (Jeffrey Jacquet)
OSU Extension to teach maple growers how to tap into business planning during Maple Days Dec. 9–10 (Kathy Smith)


Covid upended 50 years of rural population loss. Will the new trend last? (Jeffrey Jacquet)
How a test drive may lead to an electric vehicle purchase (Nicole Sintov)
Learning from habitat ‘haves’ to help save a threatened rattlesnake (William Peterman)