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  1. New tool developed to guide conservation decision-making

    Oct 23, 2018

    Ohio State scientist, Robyn Wilson is part of a team that has developed a new tool to help guide wildlife conservation decision-making.  The tool, Recovery Explorer addresses a critical challenge faced by conservation agencies - how to conserve and protect as many species as possible from extinction with limited funding and finite resources. The tool was developed in collaboration with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services (USFWS) scientists in a two-year project supported by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center.

  2. Photo credit: Eugene Braig

    Upcoming Symposium to Address Innovations in Lake Management

    Oct 23, 2018

    The North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) will meet in Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of this month (Oct 30-Nov 2) and seeks to bring together anyone with an interest in managing and protecting lakes and reservoirs for today and tomorrow.  The 38th International Symposium themed, Now Trending: Innovations in Lake Management will feature exhibits, workshops, field trips, social and networking events, and technical and poster sessions. 

    Eugene Braig, aquatic ecosystems program director serves as Host Committee Co-Chair and Suzanne Gray, assistant professor of aquatic physiological ecology serves as a Program Co-Chair.  Both are with the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University.

    Online registration for NALMS is closed, but onsite registration for the NALMS Symposium will be accepted starting on October 30 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

    The Water Management Association of Ohio (WMAO) is holding their annual conference, “Innovation in water Resource Management” in conjunction with the Symposium on Thursday, October 31. Braig serves as Vice President on WMAO’s Executive Board and is the Advisor to TerrAqua, a student affiliate of WMAO at The Ohio State University with an emphasis on the conservation, care, and enjoyment of aquatic and terrestrial environments.

  3. EEDS student Mike Fackler (shown) to launch business to pickup food waste for compost.

    Student Takes Classroom Lessons to the Streets

    Oct 15, 2018

    Mike Fackler wants to save the world, one tomato at a time.  Fackler, a junior in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) at The Ohio State University, credits the innovative coursework in his Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) major as giving him the tools needed to understand how business works and how sustainability plays into its success.  Fackler and business partner, Jared Frees will soon launch Compostd, which will offer curbside pickup of food waste for compost.  The story, "Student Takes Classroom Lessons to the Streets" was written by Kelli Trinoskey and is published on the website of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.  Kelli is a communication and outreach manager in CFAES’ Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics.  Read more about the startup here.

  4. School of Environment and Natural Resources faculty member Lauren Pintor (shown center)  is an investigator on a new NSF Rules of Life grant.

    Faculty Member Investigator on NSF Rules of Life Grant

    Oct 8, 2018

    Lauren Pintor, assistant professor of aquatic sciences in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University is a collaborator and investigator on research recently funded in one of the National Science Foundation’s Big Ideas investment areas - Rules of Life.

    The project will build off previous research the team has conducted on intraspecific variation in behavioral traits among two crayfish species, Faxonius rusticus and F. virillis (both abundant and broadly distributed invasive species).

  5. Professor Lal Awarded Honorary Degree

    Oct 2, 2018

    Professor Rattan Lal was awarded an Honorary Degree from Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, MN on October 2 for his contributions to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and his lifetime work studying soils and soil conservation.  Watch online the presentation of this honor and read more here about his participation at the 54th Nobel Conference themed "Living Soil: A Universe Underfoot." 

    Rattan Lal is a Distinguished University Professor of Soil Science and Director of the Carbon Management and Sequestration Center at The Ohio State University.

    Congratulations Professor Lal.  

  6. For Eugene Braig, aquatic ecosystems expert (and guitar hero), it’s all about being in tune.  Photo credit: Ken Chamberlain.

    His Work Involves Keeping Your Water in Tune

    Oct 1, 2018

    Eugene Braig has a passion for water — for Ohio’s ponds, rivers, lakes and streams; for the myriad things that call it home, from yellow perch to pickerelweed, smallmouth bass to microscopic plankton; and for making sure all its parts are in tune.

  7. Mark Giese, ENRAS ARO; Kevin McCarty, ENRAS Exec Council; Dr. Robert Roth, SENR Professor and Associate Director, Emeritus; Kristine Mount Staats, recipient of the Josephine Sitterle Failer Award; ENRAS President Matt Perry. Photo credit: Carol Roth

    Alumna recognized for enhancing quality of life of Ohio State students

    Sep 25, 2018

    Congratulations to School of Environment and Natural Resources alumna Kristine Mount Staats, who received the Josephine Sitterle Failer Award at the 2018 Alumni Awards Program (September 21) for The Ohio State University. 

  8. Andrea Leiva Soto with her advisor, Dr. Doug Doohan, highlighting key findings and facilitating discussion with participants on an organic vegetable on-farm trial. Photo Credit: Stephanie Short

    Reverse Field Tour Engages Stakeholders in Soil Health Research

    Sep 18, 2018

    Stakeholders played a key role in the reverse field tour held on soil balancing last month at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster, Ohio. Hosting the unique two-day experiential field tour were a team of faculty and staff in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, the School of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Agricultural Technical Institute at The Ohio State University.  The field tour is part of a USDA NIFA funded project to advance understanding of soil balancing methods and outcomes.

  9. A Sept. 20 talk at the annual Farm Science Review trade show will look at Ohio’s reptiles and amphibians, such as the leopard frog shown here, and how they help farmers and gardeners. (Photo: Getty Images.)

    Like Good Neighbors, Frogs and Toads Are There

    Sep 17, 2018

    The calls of gray tree frogs remind Marne Titchenell of “summer evenings spent outside watching lightning bugs.” Her favorite snake is the eastern hognose. “It actually plays dead like an opossum,” she says.   But she can’t choose a favorite salamander: “They’re all incredible.” Titchenell is a wildlife specialist with The Ohio State University, and on Sept. 20, she’ll share what she loves about reptiles and amphibians, including why they’re good to have as neighbors, at the annual Farm Science Review trade show near London, Ohio.

  10. The Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) Lab in the School of Environment and Natural Resources is pleased to announce the opening of their new lab space and to share some exciting new resources and opportunities.

    New Developments and Opportunities with the ESS Lab

    Sep 10, 2018

    The Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) Lab in the School of Environment and Natural Resources is pleased to announce the opening of their new lab space and to share some exciting new resources and opportunities.