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School of Environment and Natural Resources


History of the Honorary 100

The School of Natural Resources, as it was known at the time, was created in 1969 and Dr. Bob Teater, the school’s first director formed a group of friends and supporters known as the Honorary 100. Over the year’s individuals with a special interest in the school and its programs and activities have been recognized as members of the Honorary 100.

Serving a number of purposes, the Honorary 100 supported legislation and budgets related to the school and college; the group served as a sounding board for school programs; they assisted in the recruitment of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; they engaged and connected with our related public agencies serving a statewide constituency, and they assisted in fundraising and development activities.

The criteria established for selecting members of the Honorary 100 required an interest in the environment and natural resources and a special interest in the school, its programs and activities through their involvement in events, programs, scholarship, professional development, donor support, and related activities.

A member of the Honorary 100 should have the personal qualities that also make them a recognized individual who has done special action or activity such as legislation, writing, publication, community action, program or agency organization, financial support, program development, and or academic achievement. Candidates need not be an Ohio State, or SENR graduate to be considered for this honor.