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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Honorary 100

The Honorary 100 includes individuals who lent their support during the formative years of the School of Natural Resources. Many of these individuals expressed a desire to maintain a continuing supportive affiliation with SENR. The ENR Alumni Association, with the endorsement of the School, will continue the Honorary 100 as a non-dues paying affiliate of the Society, and will annually seek to enlarge it by recognizing outstanding Ohioans who have demonstrated an interest in the School of Environment and Natural Resources and its mission.

1.  Purposes of the Honorary 100

  • Support legislation and budgets related to SNR
  • Provide a sounding board for SNR programs
  • Assist in recruiting students
  • Provide a contact and liaison with related public agencies
  • Provide a statewide constituency
  • Assist in fund raising

2.  Criteria for Selecting Honorary 100 Candidates

  • Must have displayed an interest in natural resources, especially the School of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • Such an interest should be sincere, and have shown some continuing awareness.
  • The person should have personal qualities that also make him/her a recognized individual.
  • Selection may also include an individual who has done some. singularly special thing, like legislation, writing, organization program, etc.
  • Individuals considered might be a legislator, industrialist, banker, teacher, lobbyist, associationist, researcher, etc.
  • Candidates need not be OSU or SENR graduates.

Members of the Honorary 100

Mr. Kenneth E. Allen
Mr. Ora E. Anderson
Mr. D. Barry Apgear
Mr. Dan Atzenhoeffer
Mrs. John W. Aull
Mr. Karl E. Bednarik
Mr. Ralph J. Bernhagen
Ms. Shirley Dunlap Bowser
Senator Eugene Branstool
Mr. Howard L. Calhoun
Mr. Alan Cannon
Mr. Wayne Channell
Dr. Mary Lynne Bowman-Cowen
Professor William E. Cowen
Mr. L. Bennett Coy
Dr. Joseph C. Cross
Dr. Josue Cruz Jr. 
Mrs. Charles A. Dambach
Mr. Irving I. Dickman
Dr. John F. Disinger
Dr. James M. Dowdy
Ms. Nancy Duffy
Dr. Richard Durrell
Mr. Herbert B. Eagon Jr.
Mr. Charles B. English
Mr. Raymond E. Eichel
Mr. Robert Evans
Mr. Robert Findlay
Dr. Al Foulger
Mr. Maurice A. Fox
Mr. Samuel P. Frantz
Mr. Sherman L. Frost
Mr. Dan Galbreath
Dr. Gordon Gatherum
Mr. Ernest J. Gebhart
Mr. Ralph E. Giehls
Mr. Samuel F. Gingrich
Mr. James Glass
Dr. E.E. Good
Norv Hall
Delmar Handley
Mr. James R. Hanson
Honorary David Hartley
Mrs. Jeanne Hawkins
Mr. Larry Heaton
Dr. Robert E. Henne
Mr. T. M. Higgins
Mr. William E. Hole Jr.
Mr. Don Hollenbeck
Justice Robert E. Holmes
Mr. Edward F. Hutchins
Dr. William P. Irwin
Mr. James M. Jennings
Dr. Beryl K. Jones
Mr. Harold Kost
Mr. Michael B. Lafferty
Mr. Benjamin G. Maiden
Mrs. Ruth W. Melvin
Mr. Burton S. Middlebrooks
Mr. Fed E. Morr
Mr. Richard E. Moseley Jr. 
Dr. Earl Murphy
Dr. William Napier
Mr. Robert R. Paton
Mr. William Price
Mr. Ralph Ramey
Mr. George D. Robey Jr. 
Mr. Walter C. Roman
Mr. Thomas W. Slemmer
Mrs. Ester Barnebey Slowter
Mr. Joseph J. Sommer
Mr. Andrew Spencer
Mr. Jim Stahl 
Dr. Robert W. Teater
Mr. Walter A. Tucker
Mrs. Vincent C. Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Neil M. Waterbury
Dr. Ken Wenner
Judge William H. Wertz
Mr. Robert R. Will Jr.  
Mr. Ned E. Williams
Mr. Walter W. Willis 

Names of the Honorary 100