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Executive Council


The governing body of the Society is the Executive Council. The Executive Council is composed of up to 21 alumni representatives, the Director of the School of Environment and Natural Resources or his/her designee, the Director of Alumni Affairs of The Ohio State University Alumni Association or his/her designee, and a representative of the student body. The Executive Council meets once a month and takes care of the Alumni Societies' business, and coordinates events that serve both SENR Alumni Society and the School of Environment and Natural Resources.

ENRAS Executive Council Members

Neal Sargeant                President   (BS ENR 2008; MENR 2013)

Kevin McCarty               Vice President /CFAES Society Liaison   (BS ENR 1992)                         

Tricia Evans Helman      Exec Council Member   (BS ENR 2014)                    

Dave Heffner                 Exec Council Member   (BS ENR 1980; MS 1989)                

Mark Giese                    Exec Council Member   (BS ENR 1983; MS 1990) 

Eugene Braig                 Exec Council Member    (BS ENR 1991; MS 1999)

Mark Dilley                    Exec Council Member    (BS ENR 1991; MS 2003)

Jade  Heizer                 Exec Council Member    (BS ENR 2017)

Lori Monska                 Exec Council Member    (BS ENR 2004)

Matt Perry                    Exec Council Member    (BS ENR 2010)

David Poole                 Exec Council Member    (MENR 2012) 

Ric Queen                   Exec Council Member    (BS ENR 1979) 

Ris (Marisa) Twigg       Exec Council Member    (BS ENR 2014)      

Mary Ann Webster      Exec Council Member    (BS Arts & Sciences 1997, BS ENR 1985)