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Why I Contribute Time and Money to OSU – Jon Gerken

The reasons I contribute to Ohio State are numerous. A few that most readily come to mind include:

Pride in OSU – When someone asks me where I went to school I’m proud to say I went to Ohio State. Ohio State is well known and highly regarded for many reasons. Whether we are talking about athletics, cutting edge research, or quality of education, maintaining a high quality program requires the support of many people. My contributions are a way I can help OSU maintain its great programs and it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I am a part of making OSU a great place.

Need for scholarship money – When I was attending college money was very tight. I worked and borrowed, just like many students today, to pay my way through college. I was also fortunate enough to receive several scholarships while attending OSU. These scholarships helped keep my debt level from being a major problem for me while in school and afterward as I began my career. Contributing to scholarship funds at OSU is one way I can now help current students keep their debt load at a manageable level.

Connection to colleagues – During my career I have worked very closely with many of the faculty members at Ohio State as well as many OSU graduates. Since I am now retired, participating in alumni activities gives me the opportunity to stay connected with the many friends I have worked with. It also has provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen for many years.