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Environment and Natural Resources

Citizenship Across the Rural-Urban Divide

Foundational concepts of citizenship in historical, current, and social science contexts; definitions, benefits, and responsibilities of citizenship. Citizenship and community participation in rural, urban, or suburban locations, differing perspectives, community institutions and civic engagement. Impacts of agricultural and environmental issues locally, nationally, and globally. GE theme citizenship for div and just wrld course.

Sustainability Psychology

This course helps students expand their understanding of the psychological bases of environmental problems. It focuses on leveraging psychological tools to address such problems. Students learn about theories and methods relevant to behavior change, explore the applicability of these approaches to changing environmental behaviors, and gain practical experience doing this with real-world problems. Prereq: 3400, 5400, or Psych 1100, or permission of instructor.

Social-Ecological Systems

This course provides an overview of frameworks, theories and methods used in the interdisciplinary study of social-ecological systems, including complex adaptive systems, resilience, institutional analysis, cultural evolution, ecosystem services, and coupled human and natural systems. Students will also learn how to effectively collaborate in interdisciplinary studies of social-ecological systems. Prereq: Grad standing. Not open to students with credit for Anthrop 7004. Cross-listed in Anthrop.

Introduction to Environmental Education & Communications

This course introduces best practices for environmental education and communications, including approaches for direct instruction in formal (e.g., K-12 schools) and informal settings (e.g., parks and museums), as well indirect communications with a general audience (e.g., blog posts, social media). We will also focus on strategies for addressing complex and/or controversial environmental topics. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 3611.

Introduction to Sustainability

Introduces students to principles from various disciplines related to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Students will evaluate key concepts and examine tradeoffs that are a part of sustainability action using case studies representing diverse perspectives. Team-taught course with faculty member in AEDE. Prereq: Soph standing, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 2500, AEDEcon 2500, or AEDEcon 2501. GE theme sustainability course. Cross-listed in AEDEcon.

Ecology of Infectious Disease

This course provides an introduction to the ecology of infectious diseases. We will investigate infectious disease transmission and control in single- and multi-host systems and for vector-borne diseases. Prereq: One undergraduate-level Biology course; or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for PubHEHS 5335 or VetPrev 5335. Cross-listed in PubHEHS and VetPrev.


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