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School of Environment and Natural Resources


Environment and Natural Resources

The Dynamics of Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystems undergoing restoration are dynamic and witness major changes in their species diversity, composition, and ecosystem function. This course develops an understanding of how biotic and abiotic conditions interact with management to influence ecosystems' development. EEOB 3410 is recommended for success in this course. Prereq: 3800 and 4800; or Grad standing; or permission of instructor.

Water Policy and Governance

This class examines institutions to manage water effectively at a variety of levels -state, federal, and international- and analyzes how they affect water access and use in different areas (agriculture, energy, etc.). Students in the class will also engage in a careful examination of the sources of conflict and cooperation among water stakeholders on a regional and global scale. Prereq: 3200 or 4000, or Grad standing.

Wildlife Ecology Methods

Methods used by wildlife ecologists to measure population characteristics and habitat quality for wild terrestrial vertebrates. 1-2 Sat and 1 full weekend field trips required. Au Sem. Prereq: 2000, 3300, Stat 1450, or Grad standing. Not open to students with credit for 662.


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