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Environment and Natural Resources

Soils and Climate Change

This course is designed for students interested in learning basic soil and geologic processes as they impact climate change and are impacted by it. Topics covered include soil processes, abrupt climate change, trace gases and their properties, global C cycle, gaseous emissions, C-neutral fuels, carbon sequestration, Kyoto Treaty, and trading of C credits. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for EarthSc 5268. Cross-listed in EarthSc.

Environmental Soil Chemistry and Remediation

Environmental soil chemistry relevant to soil and contaminant remediation. Excessive phosphorus fertilizer, degraded coal mineland soils; salt degradation; heavy metal contamination; urban soils. Socioeconomic considerations including cost and community/regulatory agency acceptance. Laboratory focuses on hands-on soil investigation/problem solving using soil geochemical computer models. Prereq: One semester of Chemistry, or Grad standing.

Wetland Ecology and Restoration

Wetland hydrology, biogeochemistry, vegetation, biotic adaptations. Ecosystem services, classification, and management of wetlands. Fundamental concepts of ecological engineering applied to wetland creation and restoration and river restoration. Prereq: EEOB 503.01 or Grad standing. Not open to students with credit for 725 or 726.


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