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Additional Resources at Ohio State

Additional Resources at Ohio State

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)

The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is one of the oldest and most prominent offices of its kind in the nation. Founded in 1970, ODI supports the recruitment, retention, and success of students, faculty, and staff who enhance the diversity of The Ohio State University. ODI oversees the Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center, the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male, the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Program, the nine-city Young Scholars Program, as well as being home to a wide-range of retention, mentoring, scholarship, and access programs.

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Strategic Diversity Planning, Training, and Assessment

A website that incorporates Ohio State's strategic vision to assure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are core principles of everything that we do by providing the knowledge and tools needed to foster a climate of excellence that is socially diverse, welcoming, and supportive for all students and employees.

Our services and resources include:

CFAES Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aims to create and maintain an accessible, inclusive and supportive community for all who learn, work and teach in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) and OSU Extension at The Ohio State University. 


Offers several hundred programs a year - cultural and intercultural celebrations, heritage and awareness events, dialogues, workshops, student leadership and cohort meetings, prejudice-reduction trainings, wellness initiatives, and Social Justice Engagement courses - all focused on teaching students personal and interpersonal skills necessary to be most effective in a diverse world. 

The CBSC welcomes ALL students, faculty, staff, and community members to our events while at the same time supporting and celebrating specific constituency groups (including African and African American, Asian and Asian American, American Indian/Indigenous, Hispanic/Latino, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Women, Men, and Faith communities).

College of Arts and Sciences, The Ohio State University

Gain the skills you’ll need to thrive in the diverse workplace of the future

Open to:

  • any current Ohio State undergraduate student
  • anyone with a bachelor's degree

In preparation for 21st century demands for those working across sectors (including government, industry and nonprofit), the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certificate is ideally positioned to prepare you as a thought leader and sharpen your skills to address emergent issues related to our increasing diversity.

Through world-class faculty and instruction in the College of Arts and Sciences, the curriculum will expose you to cutting-edge social research on diversity and equip you with the analytic tools necessary to work toward maximizing societal equity.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll possess an in-depth understanding of contemporary social diversity, particularly with respect to the three dimensions that are the root of major societal cleavages: social class, race/ethnicity and gender/sexuality.

Learn more about the Certificate here.