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Gain the skills you’ll need to thrive in the diverse workplace of the future

Open to:

  • any current Ohio State undergraduate student
  • anyone with a bachelor's degree

In preparation for 21st century demands for those working across sectors (including government, industry and nonprofit), the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certificate is ideally positioned to prepare you as a thought leader and sharpen your skills to address emergent issues related to our increasing diversity.

Through world-class faculty and instruction in the College of Arts and Sciences, the curriculum will expose you to cutting-edge social research on diversity and equip you with the analytic tools necessary to work toward maximizing societal equity.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll possess an in-depth understanding of contemporary social diversity, particularly with respect to the three dimensions that are the root of major societal cleavages: social class, race/ethnicity and gender/sexuality.

Learn more about the Diverstiy, Equity and Inclusion Certificate here.