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Dual and Combined Degrees

Students at The Ohio State University can pursue dual or combined degrees. The flexible curriculum of the Environment and Natural Resources Graduate Program  makes it especially easy for our students to pursue this. This option allows students to broaden their expertise and enhance their credentials by pursuing two distinct degrees and complete them in less time by sharing credits between them.

A dual degree program is when a student enrolls in two separate graduate programs (programs under the jurisdiction of Ohio State's Graduate School). These can be a master's degree and either another master's degree or even a doctoral degree.  By sharing credits, it is possible to complete two 2-year master's programs in only three years. Any two degrees are eligible, although some combinations are more sensible than others! Common dual degree choices for ENRGP students include public affairs and city and regional planning, but the choices are not limited to these.

A combined degree program is when a student is simultaneously enrolled in a graduate program (under the jurisdiction of Ohio State's Graduate Program) and either an undergraduate program (e.g. a Bachelor of Science) or a professional program (e.g. law).

We welcome inquiries from both current Ohio State students in other programs and those interested in applying to Ohio State; please submit inquiries to You can find the Graduate School's information on these options here.

Students must apply separately to each intended program, but you can begin one program and then apply to the second one at a later point. Those interested should reach out to each individual program before applying in order to understand the requirements.

Below, you will find further information about the more common dual or combined degree options with ENRGP. We welcome inquiries from Ohio State students in other programs, as well.

Dual MS/MENR and Master of Public Administration (MPA)

This dual degree lends itself perfectly to those interested in environmental policy, whether you want to become a scholar or a lobbyist.

Dual MS/MENR and City and Regional Planning (MCRP)

More and more, we understand the importance of sustainable growth. This dual degree program explores the impact of urban development on the environment, how cities can incorporate sustainable elements, and more. It is perfect for those who wish to become city and regional planners with a demonstrable understanding of the ecological impact of development, or aspiring environmental scholars whose research interests include this area of study

Dual MENR and Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Those interested in issues of sustainable business practices can enhance their expertise by pursuing these two degrees simultaneously.

Combined MS/MENR and Juris Doctorae (JD)

An excellent choice for students interested in practicing environmental law or specializing in issues of environmental justice.