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Endowment and Gift Funds

Endowment and Gift Funds — School of Environment and Natural Resources

Are you looking to make a tax-deductible gift to The Ohio State University and would like it to directly benefit the students and programs of the School of Environment and Natural Resources?  We would recommend that you consider directing your gift to one of these funds listed below:
Barnebey Family Scholarship Fund (undergrad/grad/program support/Honors/steam ecology)
John F. Disinger Endowment Fund (school)
604840  Nikki Meifert Memorial Fund (school)
605470 Olentangy River Wetland Fund (ORW)
606319 Elizabeth C. Sawtell Fund (school)
607329 Triplett-Vandoren No-Tillage Fund (Wooster)
646815 T. Davis Sydnor Endowed Scholarship (school)
664987 Fred P. Miller Fund (Soil Science)
666375 Schiermeier Wetland Fund (ORW)
647128 Dr. Robert W. Teater Endowed Fund
302232 SNR Staff Support (Sharp)
305921 Rural Sociology (school)
306591 Ohio State Fund for the School of Environment and Natural Resources  (Director's Discretionary) 
308031 Shade Tree Evaluation (Sydnor)
309710 Wetlands Research (Mitsch)
310207 Mitsch Memorial (Mitsch)
313978 SENR Scholarship Fund
314223 Youth Beat Radio (Lekies)
314160 Association of Ohio Pedologists Scholarship Fund (Soil Science Judging Team)