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48th Annual WMAO Conference and Symposium

48th Annual WMAO Conference and Symposium
Water Weirding
November 13 & 14, 2019   *   Crowne Plaza Columbus North

Weather today is weird with extreme events happening more frequently. This affects water systems and how we must manage our precious natural resources. Global climate weirding is a descriptive way to refer to this phenomenon. Water management in Ohio is equally influenced by this worldwide weirding causing hotter, drier, wetter, and windier conditions. Do you have a story to tell related to identifying such problems of water weirding? What about a community response to extreme weather in seeking sustainability? What technology or innovation have you witnessed to improve the protection and restoration of impacted groundwater, wetlands, streams, and lakes? 

For more information on the conference, submitting an abstract and to register, visit WMAO's website.