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C-MASC Earth Day Event: Restore Earth’s Carbon Cycle:

Ever wonder what it takes to slow down the planet’s warming? The cause is excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the answer might be right under our feet: carbon in the soil. 

The CFAES Dr. Rattan Lal Carbon Management and Sequestration Center (C-MASC) is excited to announce our inaugural Earth Day Webinar: Restore Earth’s Carbon Cycle! C-MASC Director and Distinguished University Professor Dr. Rattan Lal and Assistant Director Dr. Klaus Lorenz are joined by several multi-disciplinary speakers across different University institutions, including Dr. Gary Pierzynski, Dr. Jacqueline Wilkins, Dr. Elena Irwin and more, to provide an introduction to the many ways we can take action to restore the Earth's carbon cycle through the health of our soils. Register here. Learn more and register here.