ENR 8897 Graduate Research Proposal Symposium

We welcome you to attend the ENR 8897 Graduate Symposium. Graduate students will be presenting in two groups in 2 different rooms (Kottman 244 and 245) on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019.  See attached flyers or list below.

Group 1 - Room 244

Chase Novello- How Does Artificial Light at Night Alter Ecosystem Metabolism in Small Streams?

Krystal Pocock - Does Interspecific Variation in Traits Between an Invasive and a Native Crayfish Drive Changes in Ecosystem Functioning?Nayeli Sanchez - How Do Multiple

Stressors Influence Riverine Algal Communities and Toxin Production?Dax Fisher-Garibay - Environmental Justice, Social Inequalities, and Urban Stream Ecology

Austin Miles - Changes in the Social Networks Associated with the Maumee River Basin and Lake Erie after the 2014 Algal Bloom

SumiaMohamed - Assessing Water Scarcity in Sudan’s Nile River Corridor and the Potential for Eco-DRR andEbA

Jeremy Evans - The Effects of Pond Management Practices on Water Quality and Fish Populations 

Francis Clarke - Forest and Bioenergy Crop Effects on Carbon Pools and Soil Physical Properties.

Thomas Doohan- Impact of Mineralogy on Soil Organic Matter Stabilization in Ohio Soils

Matthew Dowiatt- Assessing Domestic Adaptation Policy Responses in light of Urban Adaptation Assessment Risk Levels

Group 2 - Room 245

BriahnaHendey- Environmental vs. Health Feedback: Motivating Dietary Change 

RuchiePathak - "Sharing the Sun" - Community Solar Projects: A Case Study from Ohio 

Joshua Simon - Socioeconomic Dimensions of Urban Greenspace Access and Usage Patterns 

Leanna Dejong- Impacts of Amur Honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) Removal on Avian Assemblage Composition 

Jeffry Hayes - The Effects of Land Use and Water Quality on Avian and ChiropteridAerial Insectivore Community Structure 

Emily Howald- U.S. Military Land Management and Endangered Species 

Charles Parise - Getting to Know One ‘Anotter’: The Status of River Otters in Ohio and of River Otter Reintroductions Across the Country

Tori Roeder - Fast Cats Slow to Breed

Connor Rosenblatt - Modeling Northern Bobwhite Population Dynamics in Ohio in Response to Extreme Climatic Events

Aaron Skinner - Using GPS-Tracking to Fill Knowledge Gaps in the Full Annual Cycle of an Elusive Aerial Insectivore in Steep Decline