Environmental Film Series: A River Below

Nov 19, 2018, 7:00pm - 8:45pm
Chemical and Biological Engineering and Chemistry room 130

The School of Environment and Natural Resources & Office of Energy and Environment invite you to the Autumn 2018 Film Series, with lively discussions led by leading OSU and local experts. This showing is “A River Below” with Rick Livingston, PhD, Associate Director, OSU Humanities Institute and Barb Revard, Director of Sustainability, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and Beth Armstrong, former Field Conservation Coordinator Columbus Zoo and Brevard Zoo, Florida.

Free pizza and beverages @ 6:30.                                                                                               

This public offering is also an AU2018 course offering through ENR 4193 Section 3681 and ENR 6193 Section 3115.
Complete sign up by Monday October 15th for an independent study course by attending the six films/discussions and writing essays afterwards. Syllabus linked for 4193 here and 6193 here. Consult your faculty advisor to determine how this 1-credit course may meet requirements for your major.

Instructor: David Hanselmann (hanselmann.3@osu.edu or 614-247-1908)

Synopsis:  A gripping tale of two South American activists' attempts to use media coverage and images to save the Amazon's endangered pink river dolphin and struggle with ethics and social issues along the way. How far is too far?