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Graduate Exit Seminar - Julia Linder

Plan to join Julia Linder's graduate exit seminar on May 20, 2024, at 2:00 pm in Kottman Hall 245 or via Zoom. Julia will present, "Comparing Climate Change Perceptions, Vulnerabilities, and Adaptation Behaviors Between Annual Row Crop and Perennial Fruit Farmers in Ohio."

Abstract: Climate change has introduced a host of challenges for farmers in the United States Midwest, with the impacts varying widely depending on the type of farm. For example, extreme precipitation patterns during spring planting pose a significant challenge for annual row crop farmers. In contrast, perennial fruit farmers are often more concerned with volatile weather and changing seasonal patterns, which can impact the long-term fruit production of their plants. Despite these different risks, most social science research in the Midwest has focused on climate adaptation and decision-making among annual row crop farmers, while specialty crops have received little attention. Through the mixed-methods analysis of 25 semi-structured interviews and Ohio Farm Poll survey data, this thesis examines the unique differences in climate change perspectives, vulnerabilities, and adaptation behaviors between row crop and fruit farmers in Ohio. The findings aim to identify where additional support can be directed to enhance resilience among perennial fruit and specialty crop farmers, especially given the historical emphasis on large-scale row crop farming. 

Advisor: Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith