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Graduate Exit Seminar - Nayeli Sanchez

Plan to join Nayeli Sanchez's graduate exit seminar on December 19, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom. Nayeli will present, "Influences of Land Use and Environmental Stressors on Phytoplankton Community Dynamics in the Upper Ohio River Basin."


Land use and environmental stressors play critical roles in watershed health, and their study and management are essential to protect water quality and ecosystem functioning. Phytoplankton – photosynthetic algae and cyanobacteria that are suspended in the water column – respond to environmental conditions through specialized adaptations and may proliferate to cause nuisance or harmful algal blooms (HABs). Nutrient enrichment has been studied extensively in lakes, but recent research highlights the need for further study in streams and rivers. My thesis research investigates the influence of nitrogen, phosphorus, and environmental variables on phytoplankton community dynamics within streams and reservoirs in seven catchments of agricultural, forested, and mixed land uses in the Ohio River Basin. The main objectives of my study were to (1) examine the spatiotemporal variability of phytoplankton relative abundance and diversity and (2) identify the main environmental drivers associated with phytoplankton community structure and change.

Advisor: Dr. Mažeika Sullivan 
Co-Advisor: Dr. Lauren Pintor