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Graduate Exit Seminar - Rachael Vannatta

Plan to join Rachael Vannatta's graduate exit seminar on May 4, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. in Kottman Hall 245 or via Zoom. Rachael will present, "A New Age in Natural Resource Management: (Re)envisioning the role of U.S. national parks."

Western paradigms have long dominated natural resource management discourse. Since the advent of national parks in the U.S., the removal of Indigenous populations from these spaces has led to a disregard of Indigenous Knowledge, lack of communication between stakeholders, and jurisdictional fragmentation of vulnerable ecosystems. As other countries have institutionalized the significance of Indigenous populations and knowledge in natural resource management, it is unknown where the United States stands in attempts to reconcile Indigenous and Western ontologies. The purpose of this research, through boundary work theory and perspectives on collaborative management, is to examine the extent to which U.S. national parks collaborate with Indigenous populations, using content analysis and qualitative comparative analysis to code and interpret publicly available national park foundation documents. Though limited to the non-Indigenous perspective, this research will provide important insights into Western/Indigenous dichotomies, and, ultimately, how to better represent Indigenous interests in U.S. natural resource management.

Advisor: Dr. Alia Dietsch