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Graduate Exit Seminar - Waymon McNeal

Plan to join Waymon McNeal's graduate exit seminar on May 18, 2023, at 10:00 am in Kottman Hall 245 or via Zoom. Waymon will present, "Understanding perceived barriers to urban agriculture in disadvantaged communities: a case study of Columbus, Ohio."

Abstract: One of the critical questions in the field of environment and natural resources from a policy perspective is to understand how collaborative processes and beneficial working relationships can lead to improved conservation practices. While the topic has received attention from scholars across the nation, research on this topic is lacking regarding urban agriculture in low-income settings of Columbus Ohio. In this thesis, I will examine the perceived barriers that historically underserved urban farmers encounter in low-income settings. Specifically, I study the Community Growers Network (CGN), a new collaborative initiative that brings together urban farmers to work on creative solutions to solve their problems. Through interviews and participant observation, I uncover and explain the variables that limit urban agriculture production and help establish stronger collaborative relationships between urban farmers. I find that the CGN is, in general, well-equipped to help farmers face their challenges and that the inner structure of the network is conducive to such solutions. I conclude by discussing the limitations of this study and potential areas of development for future research. We highlight not only the academic value of these findings but also the value for individuals working in the development of urban farming in Columbus Ohio.

Advisor: Dr. Ramiro Berardo