Graduate Exit Seminar via Zoom - Everly Jazi

Plan to join via Zoom Everly Jazi's graduate exit seminar on April 9, 2021, at 12:00 p.m. Everly will present, "The Role of Green Place Attachment and Sociodemographic Variables on the Nature-Wellbeing Chain."


Research into restorative environments and health have provided evidence for physical and mental benefits received from natural settings, views of nature, and general biophilic aspects of the world. But questions remain around the pathways and mechanisms of the nature-wellbeing chain, and whether these benefits are uniformly experienced across individual-level characteristics. My research used a series of quasi-experimental studies to examine the degree to which individual levels of familiarity with green space influence change in wellbeing and negative affect after self-directed walks in participants’ local areas. I used a novel categorization technique to determine the naturalness of the unique walk routes participants chose, while controlling for their individual deviations from norm naturalness perceptions. The results indicate a differential impact of the naturalness of the walks on outcomes, with those on more natural walks experiencing higher change in wellbeing over the course of the second walk; however, this improvement was not uniform for all individuals. The methods use can serve as a building block for a research agenda on individual-level differences of green space benefits, while incorporating experimental research on theories primarily analyzed in epidemiological research.

Advisor: Dr. Alia Dietsch