Graduate Exit Seminar via Zoom - Marisol Becerra

Plan to join via Zoom Marisol Becerra's graduate exit seminar on Monday, June 29, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. Marisol will present, "Environmental Justice for Whom? Three Empirical Papers Exploring Brownfield Redevelopment and Gentrification in
the United States."


Environmental justice literature has focused on the siting of noxious industrial facilities and their relationship to the location of low-income communities and communities of color (UCC 1987; Bryant & Mohai 1992; GAO 1993; Bullard et. al. 2007; Taylor,2013). While this body of literature has grown over recent decades, it has not yet thoroughly explored the distribution of brownfield redevelopment. To this end, this dissertation contributes to the discipline through three empirical papers. The first paper examines the unintended consequences associated with brownfield redevelopment in the Little Village neighborhood in Chicago using the following qualitative methods: autoethnography, archival research, and semi-structured interviews with residents. The second paper uses Census data and EPA Brownfield data from 1994 – 2017 to examine the national trends of brownfield redevelopment and gentrification in the U.S. using quantitative descriptives and paired t-tests. The third paper a multilevel liner regression analysis that examines the relationship between brownfield redevelopment and race / ethnicity in the U.S. All three papers demonstrate significant evidence of brownfield redevelopment and gentrification using quantitative and qualitative methods at the local and national scales.

Advisor: Dr. Kerry Ard