Graduate Exit Seminar via Zoom - Matthew Dowiatt

Plan to join via Zoom Matthew Dowiatt's graduate exit seminar on Friday, August 21, 2020, at 3:00 p.m. Matthew will present, "Urban Adaptation Planning in Response to Climate Change Risk."


The consensus around climate change requires us to act now. More attention and support must be paid to adaptation efforts—the ways we can prepare for a changing climate that protects our societies in the best way possible. The impacts of climate change are unevenly distributed, both spatially and demographically, so adaptation efforts must be implemented to benefit communities that are most vulnerable to climate risks. Woodruff and Stults (2016) studied 45 US city-level climate adaptation plans and found that although the plans adequately detailed strategies to prepare urban centers for a changing climate, the plans were deficient in addressing uncertainties inherent in projecting future climate impacts. Moreover, the authors concluded, on average, plans lacked information on how the goals and strategies set forth in the plans would be implemented and monitored. The following study replicates Woodruff and Stults’ (2016) study by using the same plan quality evaluation method to determine the quality of 39 large US city plans that focus on climate adaptation in whole or in part. It also expands on that study by examining the relationship between a city’s risk of experiencing climate hazards and the plan’s quality. My results find that the 39 plans do not adequately address uncertainty or how the plans will be implemented. Results from multivariate regression models demonstrate that a city’s risk to climate change was not correlated with plan quality.

Advisor: Dr. Kerry Ard