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Healthy Nutrition from Alaska.  How sustainable fishery management provides nutrition and opportunity in Ohio

Feb 9, 2017, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
164 Howlett Hall and 123 Williams Hall

The SENR Seminar Series welcomes Daniel Wiley, VP Nutrition & Health, Organic Technologies. He will present Healthy Nutrition from Alaska.  How sustainable fishery management provides nutrition and opportunity in Ohio in 164 Howlett Hall and 123 Williams Hall.

Alaska.  The name conjures up images of deep wilderness, pristine arctic tundra, immense mountain valleys, and one of the most bountiful ecosystems for seafood in the world.  Beginning in 1959, the requirement for sustainable management of fisheries has been written into the Alaska state constitution.  Today, Alaska is held up as a gold standard in how wild-capture fisheries can be managed sustainably. Organic Technologies, a natural-ingredients manufacturing firm located in Coshocton, Ohio, sources sustainable fish oils from Alaskan waters and produce a line of certified Omega-3 fish oil ingredients (sold under the AlaskOmega® brand) and consumer products (sold under the Wiley’s Finest™ brand).  These Omega-3 fish oil products containing EPA and DHA essential fatty acids provide for human nutritional needs around the world.  The longevity and stability of the fishery management program provides not only for a balanced and healthy ecosystem, but also an economic opportunity for an Ohio company and a certified sustainable choice for healthy consumers.

The presentation will be available through Carmen Connect.

Biographcial Information:

I have a BSME in Mechanical Engineering from Grove City College in Pennsylvania.  I have been an Ohio-Registered PE (I let the registration lapse when I started doing business development and sales instead of engineering.  I am a licensed private pilot with more than 500hrs of flight time under my belt.  I’ve worked in the Aerospace industry for Goodrich Corporation, and have spent the last 13 years working at Organic Technologies, an Ohio business started by my grandfather, Vincent Wiley, in 1981. Prior to starting Organic Technologies, Vincent worked for the American Petroleum Institute Hydrocarbon Research Lab at The Ohio State University from 1959 to 1963 in an effort to map hydrocarbon compounts in the gasoline range (approximately 8000+).  When the API project moved to Oklahoma State in 1963, Vincent started Chemical Samples Company with his professor, Dr. Kenneth Greenlee, in Columbus, OH in 1963 to continue the hydrocarbon research work and provide pure hydrocarbon reference standards for academic researchers and chemical firms.  This company was acquired by Albany International in 1978, who built a manufacturing facility in Hillard, Ohio (still in operation today).  Vincent left Albany International in 1981 and started Wiley Organics with his wife, Dorothea and his two sons, David and Paul.  Wiley Organics was renamed as Organic Technologies in 1996 and has grown be to a medium-sized ingredients manufacturing firm still located in Ohio with over 170 employees and exports to 26 different countries.

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