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Honors Thesis Defense Presentations- Spring 2018

All are welcome to join in the following Spring 2018 Honors Thesis Defense Presentations.
Click on each name to view individual event pages and abstracts.

  • Kathryn Brown 4/10 2:05pm Kottman Hall 370- The Moderating Effect of Stress on the Relationship Between Air Pollution and Self-Rated Health in Minorities
  • Krystal Pocock 4/12 10:30am Kottman Hall 245- The Role of Taxonomic Verses Functional Macroinvertebrate Diversity Indices as Indicators of Nutrient Pollution in Ohio Streams
  • Olivia Carros 4/13 11:30am Kottman Hall 333C- Promoting Cover Crop Adoption to Improve Water Quality in Agricultural Landscapes
  • Sophie Chang 4/13 12:30pm Ag Admin 100N- The Impact of Collaborative Consumption on the Environmental Efficiency of Well-Being (EWEB) of Residents in Columbus, Ohio
  • Ashlee Balcerzak 4/16 10:15am Kottman Hall 245- The Use of Magnetotactic Bacteria to Remove Phosphorus from Eutrophic Conditions
  • Andrew Shea 4/16 3:30pm Ag Admin 328- The Effects of Natural Capital Investment on Coastal Communities' Resilience to Natural Hazards
  • Grace Saalman 4/17 2:30pm Kottman Hall 333C- The Role of State Environmental Justice Actions on Reducing Environmental Inequality from 1995-2004