Jordon Wade's Graduate Exit Seminar

Apr 1, 2019, 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Kottman 333C, link to 123 Williams

On Monday, April 1st at 2:30PM in KH 333C, Jordon will present his graduate exit seminar- Keeping the P (and N) Out of the Water: Can Soil Health Help?

From Western Lake Erie to the Gulf of Mexico, nutrient losses from agricultural operations is a significant contributor to water quality issues in the United States. From a grower perspective, applications of N- and P-based fertilizer in excess of crop demand mitigate the risk of decreases crop yield. However, from an environmental perspective, these applications represent a considerable source of potential pollution. Soil health—the ability of a soil to sustain both plant and human life—sits at the nexus between grower and environmental considerations. However, after decades of research into the measurement and quantification of soil health, very little work has focused on translating this knowledge into a form that is agronomically relevant. Does fertilizer affect soil health? Does better soil health decrease fertilizer needs? Using multi-site studies and analyses across spatial scales, I hope to begin to answer these questions within the context of Ohio and the greater Midwest.