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Kelly George's Graduate Defense Seminar

A Graduate Defense Seminar will be presented by Kelly George, PhD Candidate, Environmental Social Sciences. Her presentation is Human-Animal Relationships: Analyzing the growing concern for animals, will be held in 102 Plumb Hall. Jeremy Bruskotter, advisor.

Humans and non-human animals have an intertwined evolutionary history. Since our earliest understanding of human existence, animals have played an essential role in our survival and vice versa. Recognizing the importance of this relationship, the changes witnessed through time, and the potential for change in the future may prove vital for decisions that society will face affecting these relationships. Thus, my overall objective is to present an analysis of the human-animal relationship, in particular the growing concern for animals. The analysis includes an examination of societal shifts in values related to animals, an exploration of potential mechanisms that motivate concern for animals, and the consideration of experiential learning as a method of affecting attitudes toward specific animal management practices. Future research needed to increase our understanding of human-animal relationships will also be discussed.