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Ohio Dragonfly Research, presented by Jim Lemon, OCVN

2017 is the first year of a planned three- year statewide survey; the first large scale effort since the 1990's. We are looking to get good data primarily through photographic observation and also collecting. We will be using iNaturalist for photo submissions. Many of our OCVN's volunteer in good Odonate habitats and can contribute if they can make photos and submit them to iNaturalist. Most of our Odonates can be identified from photographs. The use of iNaturalist is a good system for citizen science. OCVN's do not need to be experts as the community will help with identification. We are looking for data by species, location, habitat and flight date. By this fall, we should have a good handle on our survey process, first season data, and goals for 2018.

Jim Lemon is retired. He has an MS in Entomology from OSU. Jim has been an OCVN since 2014. He volunteers at Cedar bog (monitoring dragonflies, butterflies, and moths). He is currently the incoming president of Ohio Odonata Society, Co-Chair of the urbana Tree Commission, and a nature photographer. He speaks on insects, invasives, and urban forests.