SENR Seminar Series

Nov 17, 2016, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
103 Kottman Hall and 117A Williams Hall

The SENR Seminar Series will explore the initiatives for the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory by presenting The New Waterman: At the intersection of productive research, education and community engagement. Speakers will include Paula Meijerink, Jake Boswell both with OSU Knowton School of Landscape Architecture, and Matt Davies with SENR.

In the fall of 2015, an interdisciplinary design course (called studio) at OSU’s Knowlton School tested the notion of the university as “land laboratory.” At the core of this idea lies the university’s land-grant status, of which the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory (commonly called the Waterman Farm or WANRL) has historically played a key role. Here, land is research, production, and pedagogy, simultaneously intertwined. The value of this resource has recently come into question: should the “western lands” of Waterman Farm continue to be utilized for full-scale landscape testing or should the farm be reconfigured for agricultural didactics: an urban space dedicated to the demonstration of production techniques used to feed campus. As the university pushes towards its 2025 initiative to convert Waterman Farm to urban agriculture for the benefit of campus food needs, this studio steps in, asking questions through design about the role of a landscape laboratory in the future of the land-grant institution. Thirty students developed visions around developing a sense of identity for Waterman, including notions of productive research, pedagogical objectives and community engagement.


Click to view Introduction and contextualization
Jake Boswell, Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture

Paula Meijerink, Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture

Click to view Framing questions of ecological sustainability and restoration
Dr. Matt Davies, Assistant Professor in Soil and Plant Community Restoration

The documenting of this project was awarded the 2016 College and Engineering Undergraduate Summer Research Program. The project titled Flux received the 2017 Ohio Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects Student Merit award.