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Sustainability and Policy Candidate Grillos Research Seminar

Nov 3, 2016 (All day)
245 Kottman Hall and 117A Williams Hall

Sustainability and Policy candidate, Tara Grillos, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder, Institute of Beavioral Science Center for the Governance of Natural Resources, will present In-kind Payments for Ecosystem Services in Bolivia for her research seminar. This seminar will be held in 245 Kottman Hall and 117A Williams Hall.

Tara Grillos' research examines the ways in which implementing agencies interact with the intended beneficiaries or stakeholders of their programs. She asks how changes to those interactions might affect long-run outcomes related to both environmental sustainability and human well-being. This research seminar will largely focus on a study about a compensation program for environmental conservation in Bolivia. Previous research on payments programs suggests that institutions that appeal to both economic and non-material incentives should be encouraged. This program attempts such a strategy, offering in-kind compensation for conservation while simultaneously attempting to engage with pre-existing environmental values and traditional social norms. Taking advantage of a comprehensive household survey conducted prior to the offer of the program, this research examines whether economic incentives alone determined participation in the program or if the effort to invoke environmental or social beliefs and norms played a role as well. The talk will conclude with a discussion of future research plans, both related to this program and more broadly.

Contact Jeremy Brooks or Eric Toman for more information.