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Volunteer Opportunity at the Wilds

Reclaimed minelands at The Wilds are typically low quality, low diversity grasslands or highly invaded forests. Restoration efforts focus on removing invasive and exotic species and replacing with natives: praries in the grassland area, woodland species in the forest. Volunteer labor is an integral part of our efforts here, and help us to improve this habitat for wildlife while improving ecosystems and conserving native plants. 

Dr. Rebecca Swab is the Director of Restoration Ecology at The Wilds. She received her B.S. and M.S. from Ohio State, PhD from UC Riverside, and now hopes to advance the field of restoration ecology. 

Rebecca Swab, Ph.D.

Director of Restoration Ecology

The Wilds

Office: 740.638.5030x2084

Fax: 740.638.2287


1400 International Rd. Cumberland, OH 43732